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Psychomotor education, by using the body and the movements, is aimed at the whole person and allows him/her to feel in harmony with his/her body and with his/her environment; it goes along with his/her development. It stimulates expression as well as communication, cooperation and creation. It helps with the learning processes, with personality and intelligence construction and it helps the person to become independent.
Psychomotor rehabilitation tries to establish communication or to tend to psychomotor behaviours which are inadequate and which prevent the person from evolving because of emotional and psychological reasons or because of motor deficiency. It also helps maintaining as long as possible the assets, the independence and the love of life of the elderly for example.
Our approach of psychomotor development is definitely comprehensive and versatile. The different trends will be broached during the whole programme in order to allow the students to understand the concept better and choose their own path.
As this is an advanced bachelor’s degree, this programme is based upon the former studies of our students. The diversity and the multidisciplinary approaches of the participants as well as their expertise allow the students to enlarge their scope of practice.
This advanced bachelor’s degree is available for the holders of a higher education degree in a psychopedagogical, paramedical or social section.

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Namur, Belgium

Day Courses (classes on 3 days and internship on 2 days/week)


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Courses are organised on three days: on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8.40 am to 5.40 pm.

On Thursdays and Fridays, the students work on their professional integration activities. The work placements are organised in the different places where the psychomotor specialist can work: in preschool education or with people with disabilities in children’s, teenagers’ or adults’ institutions. The students will also propose an original work placement which meets their personal expectations.


What do you want to become?

The psychomotor education’s scope is huge. It concerns the various stages of life and falls in different areas such as:

  • Nurseries or early care services,
  • General or specialised education,
  • Rehabilitation centres,
  • Rest and/or nursing homes,
  • Animation or leisure places,
  • Parents-children reception centres, neighbourhood houses

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