The Social service aims at ensuring the welfare of each student. Therefore, France Demeure and Lucille Houyoux are there to listen to you for any problem related to administration (e.g. how can I get my family allowances back, how can I request a social integration allowance, what can I do to obtain a grant from the Communauté française, and what are the steps to follow to get an equivalence of my foreign qualification, etc.), relationship (I need somebody to listen to me) and finance (e.g. I have difficulties for paying my school material, etc).

Financial help

Requirements :
  • You’re a grant holder;

  • You do not benefit from a grant, but you meet the financial requirements to obtain a grant when you request social help;

  • You come from a one-income household;

  • You benefit from a social integration allowance or unemployment allowance;

  • You come from a large family (3 children or more);

  • You are facing health issue that put a strain on the family budget (or a member of your family);

  • Your family is under debt mediation;

  • You are required to rent a different accommodation from the family accommodation;

  • You are facing high travel expenses;

  • You have to cope with a high, unexpected or sudden expense (or one of your relatives);

  • You are facing a sudden deterioration of your (or of one of your relatives) financial or social situation;

  • You have to cope with big expenses as part of your mobility.


As soon as the student is legally enrolled, he/she can contact the Social service.

After two interviews, the team will define, with the student, the necessary budget for this academic year and how to cope with it. According to the documents provided by the student, the social worker creates an anonymous file and presents it during the next meeting of the Social Council. A sum of money is then granted to the student (as a donation or an advance payment).


Person in charge of this student service

  • France Demeure : social worker
  • Lucille Houyoux : co-worker

Mail :
Téléphone : +32 (0)473 83 29 25