The “Hautes Écoles” are in charge of training half of the higher education students in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.  Thanks to their activities in applied research, which are numerous, exciting and still very little known, they ensure the high-quality level of their teaching and participate actively in the socio-economic regional development.

Current research projects at HEAJ:

BEE – Builders of Educative Ecosystem

The BEE research project focuses on teaching staff support.  It aims at the development of digital learning ecosystems that are adapted to higher education.

These ecosystems have the following goals:

  • support students in their learning processes,
  • allow a more specific support from teachers during practical learning stages.

BEE makes the most of inductive methodologies and of the wide range of digital tools that are available nowadays.  All this for the purpose of an optimal use and fully in line with the learning context of higher education students.

Contact : Christophe Laduron, coordinator of the BEE project:


Support for research at HEAJ: