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New content, new approach.

We dreamed that tomorrow, the pack will no longer be waste.

In nature, waste does not exist. Nothing is created, nothing is lost: everything is transformed. In Belgium, we have pioneers of the circular economy: Gunter Pauli, for example, who reuses waste from one industry as raw material for another in order to create virtuous cycles where waste no longer exists.


Unique training in Belgium.

Yes: we weave links, we create bridges between two historically separate disciplines, for a new explosive synergy. Scientific innovation and creativity, hand in hand in the service of a cleaner, more livable, and fairer world. If biomimicry, biomaterials, eco-design and life cycle already resonate in you or, on the contrary, sound a mystical death knell that tickles your curiosity: this bachelor in three years is made for you!


3 years to know the pack at your fingertips

  • Eco-design
  • 3D design
  • Storytelling
  • Chemistry and physics of (eco-/bio-materials)
  • Design and graphics
  • Industrial innovation

Play. Seriously.

The teaching of the twenty-first century: coaching, digital experience, mindfulness… Project-oriented courses where the focus is on your personal development as a future professional, in accordance with the changing values of society, but also of your future employers. Indeed, soft skills, collective intelligence and self-awareness are increasingly at the center of their concerns.

And you, your world of tomorrow, how is it?

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In collaboration with Haute Ecole Charlemagne.

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Digital and creative media
Gembloux - Haute Ecole Charlemagne


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Grâce à cette formation, tu pourras prétendre à des métiers tels que :

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