Training description

To meet the expectations of the professional world and of the accounting profession evolution, the accounting programme revolves around different aspects:

  • A general training focused on courses with an economic orientation such as: general economy, business organisation, management and marketing;
  • A technical approach which allows you to master accounting, taxation and law subjects as well as to get a permanent update in these domains;
  • The learning of the computer tools related to accounting;
  • And finally, the study of a foreign language.

In addition to those courses, the students are continuously in touch with the professional world: they attend lectures given by qualified speakers, they participate to accounting fairs and visit companies.

Administration section

Accounting is a real administration tool and it allows to define, follow and develop the strategies of a company. This specialisation trains the students to become management consultants within a company or institution.

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Practical information

Business and communication Tamines
Tamines, Belgium

Day courses


Summary of 3 years

Your academic background

01 1st year

During the first year, the students receive a general training based on the needs of the programme and discover accounting and taxation through courses offering a first approach of those subjects.

02 2nd year

The second year is focused on an in-depth study of the chosen programme courses such as accounting, taxation and law.


03 3rd year

The graduation year focuses on the aim of this bachelor’s degree and allows the students to check their knowledge on different subjects such as balance sheet analysis, accounting control, special accounting and multidisciplinary exercises.

It is also during the third year that you have to carry out a professional integration work placement that lasts 15 weeks.



What do you want to become?

By the end of this three-year programme, you are ready to work:

In a private, public or non-profit company:

  • As an accountant (or accounting assistant)
  • An internal auditor or a deputy external auditor
  • An adviser for treasury management, for budget preparation, for the preparation to a financial, accounting and/or tax audit
  • A deputy financial controller
  • A financial or administrative manager
  • A treasurer, treasury manager

In public administrations:

  • A regional administrative controller
  • A payroll administrator / a case manager
  • A financial expert (taxation-income service)

The holder of this bachelor’s degree can access the entrance examination for the chartered accountant internship organised by the IEC or the IPCF. In addition, the holder of this bachelor’s degree will start this training with many course exemptions. He/she can also work for a trust or for a renowned audit firm.

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