Training description

This programme is focused on all the aspects of the management assistant profession. Indeed, a management assistant can work in different business sectors. He/she can use his/her skills in the cultural sector, banking sector, industrial sector and in the Belgian or European public administrations.
Therefore, our courses meet this variety of career possibilities.
The student can study foreign languages (3 languages), French language, accounting, law, general culture, communication, entrepreneurship, computer science, office technology, etc.

Those knowledge will be implemented during the work placement of block 3.

Each year, a Professional Day allows you to meet the labour market players.

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Practical information

Economics Tamines
Tamines, Belgium

Day courses


Summary of 3 years

Your academic background

01 1st year

During the first year, everything is set for you to get familiar with higher education. The assessments are planned so you can organise you work easily.

For foreign languages, level groups are created and remedial classes are planned as well, in French for example.

In April, a work shadowing internship is organised. It allows you to set foot in the professional world and discover the reality of the management assistant profession.

02 2nd year

During the second year, the theoretical knowledge gained during the first year are deepened and put into practice. Teachers focus on the professional aspect of the programme.

Company visits and cultural tours are planned as well as the participation to a YEP (young companies) project. It is also the moment for you to choose the subject of your graduation project, to search for a work placement and prepare an Erasmus semester.

You will also participate to the Open Doors Day in order to implement your organisational skills in concrete terms.

03 3rd year

The third year is based upon three lines:

  1. the last theoretical courses from September to December.
  2. the work placement from February to May
  3. the graduation project presentation.

It is possible to follow the 1st semester courses or to carry out the work placement within the Erasmus programme.


What do you want to become?

You can work in:

  • public administrations,
  • European institutions,
  • employment agencies,
  • banking sector,
  • law firms,
  • large-scale distribution,
  • cultural institutions,

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