Training description

Did you get your Bachelor’s degree in Primary teaching? At the HEAJ you can obtain, in one year, the Bachelor’s degree in Preschool teaching.

This programme, representing 60 credits, is organised during the day, and is a personalised programme. 

Thanks to your experience, you will deepen your methodological skills by conducting different learnings with children aged from two and a half to six years old.

You will be focusing on :

  • The acquisition of interpersonal and organisational techniques which aim at stimulating the development of each child,
  • The integration of specific teaching skills related to preschool teaching.

Pluralist, creative, open to difference and innovation, the professionals from the basic education are adopting an active and reflexive process.

Besides, with those two degrees, you will have more job prospects and the students from Luxemburg will access easier to the competitive exam which rules the entry to the introduction training to become a basic education teacher.

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Practical information

Namur, Belgium

Day courses


Summary of 1 years

Your academic background

01 Transition year

Built upon the courses and professional activities experienced at the Haute Ecole, the work placements of this transition programme allow the student to get experience in the management of the learnings related to the first two cycles of basic education. They are aimed at transferring the different methodologies studied during the courses and allow the student to prove his/her ability to be autonomous regarding his/her educational action.


What do you want to become?

The holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary teaching can:

  • Teach in all the networks of basic education schools,
  • Teach in all the networks of the special basic education school or special secondary schools,
  • Teach abroad in a Belgian or European school,
  • Work in a literacy association,
  • Work in a social and professional reintegration centre.

Are you interested in this training?

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