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Choosing the Image Réelle (IR) section means being curious about all the image-recording devices which obtain their materials, still or moving, from real life. It means acquiring a good technical command of digital photography and video, 360° panoramas as well as 360°/180° VR but also getting to know recent shooting techniques such as camera drones. It is also being passionate about the aesthetic qualities of these images.

Choosing the IR specialisation means discovering advanced digital image processing techniques to enrich, augment or transform pictures. Such techniques include the digital processing of photographs and videos, video mapping and the digital techniques used by the surprising universes of interactive narration, augmented and virtual reality. It also means pondering the double identity of the “image réelle”, which is at the same time a recording of the real and a support for fiction.

Choosing this specialisation means broadcasting to a target audience intelligent pictures, part of critical, comic or poetic projects. It means empowering oneself with the mastery of contemporary broadcasting techniques on online platforms and social networks. It means learning to collaborate on large-scale artistic projects such as installations and theatre arts.

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Practical information

Digital and creative media
Namur, Belgium

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Summary of 3 years

Your academic background

01 Première année

The modules proposed during the first year allow you to get familiar with the different domains of computer graphics and gain the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to start then the specific programme in a section.

02 Deuxième année

The first semester comprises theory and practice. Theoretical classes aim towards the acquisition of theoretical tools essential to the development of critical thinking and culture in the area of “images réelles”. A first series of practical classes enables the student to discover the different aspects of the “image réelle” and of its applications.

The second semester is structured around four skill areas which form the backbone of the specialisation: innovating shooting systems, photo retouches and compositing, creation of immersive experiences, design of scenic devices. Talks held by professionals coming from very different backgrounds provide students with the opportunity to link the conception of their work, especially their end-of-year project, to the multiple aspects of the professional life.

03 Année diplômante

The third year offers to deepen the theoretical and practical knowledge of the student. During this year, the student will also do a three-month internship to enrich his/her experience through contact with the professional world and to put his/her knowledge into practice.

The last year also opens the way to new research territories and imposes on the student to use a hybrid approach to design his/her work. Indeed, the final year project is meant to experiment in the “imafe réelle” field and must be particularly original, both in form and possible applications.


What do you want to become?

At the end of this training, you will be able to work as a…

  • Creative technician specialised in IR
  • Creator of immersive and connected experiences
  • Photographer/Photomaker
  • Panoramist
  • 180°/360° videast
  • Videast/videomaker
  • Clipper
  • Special effects Technician
  • Integrator specialised in IR
  • VJ/Visual artist/performer
  • Scenographer specialised in IR
  • Camera operator specialised in computer graphics

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