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Whether it is illustrative or cinematographic, the art of the image is an art of communication, a synthetic art, a universal language. The art of the image needs a critical and open mind, a self-awareness, a good working method and an efficient time management.
Our programme is composed of 2 media: illustration and animation. This section focuses on understanding the digital techniques, traditional techniques and improvised techniques.

The training focusing on software is common to both fields in order to build bridges between those two media and promote the multiplicity of techniques. This way the student will be better included and will react better in his/her future professional world.
This section, which is based on two training years, focuses on the acquisition of independence for the student who will face all the requirements for his/her daily work, for his/her work placement and for his/her final project. At the end of the programme, the student will be ready to face the reality in the field and will be able to meet the requirement of his/her professional world.

The teaching team is specialized and comes from the animation and illustration fields. Most teachers are currently working in the sector they are teaching. They offer credibility and reality in the field which are useful to this industry requirements.

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Practical information

Computer graphics
Namur, Belgium

Day courses


Summary of 3 years

Your academic background

01 1st year

The modules proposed during the first year allow you to get familiar with the different domains of computer graphics and gain the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to start then a specific programme in a section.

02 2nd year

The second year is dedicated to still and moving image operating software learning. During specific daily exercises and workshops, the student learns how to manage these software, allowing him to to be in intense creation conditions.
At the end of each semester, an exam is organised. It covers the skills set gained during the different technical courses and is realised in the two media understood in the section during the two semesters.
This exam calls on the student ability to handle a production schedule as well as using his/her main strengths that he/she developed during the learning exercises.
The presented objects are an illustration book and/or a 2D animation short movie based on mixed or computer graphics techniques chosen by the student.

03 3rd year

At the end of the second year, the student has gained the useful skills to tackle the preproduction and production steps of his/her graduation project which is, according to each one’s skills, an illustration project or an animation project.

The graduation year is punctuated with a three-month work placement in a company. During that work placement, the student will have to face the professional life and can therefore judge his/her technical skills and his/her reactivity in the field.


What do you want to become?
  • Character designer
  • Set designer
  • Illustrator
  • Story-boarder
  • Colorist
  • Animator
  • Animator  assistant
  • Tweener
  • Motion designer
  • Post production technician
  • Access to Master

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