The HEAJ supports entrepreneurship, supervises and encourages student entrepreneurs who want to carry out their projects.  This is what being a responsible school means.

We at HEAJ think that a student’s project, of whatever kind, deserves to be supported.  Thanks to our status of entrepreneurial school, we offer different services to students with an entrepreneurial project :

  • development of several support services around the student’s project,
  • access to the status of  “student entrepreneur”, that allows us to give more flexibility in the organisation of classes in favour of the development of an entrepreneurial project,
  • connections with people, companies and services that are necessary to support the project. Among others via Linkube, the student incubator of Namur that supervises projects, both professionally and financially,
  • searching for funding (Agence pour l’Entreprise et l’Innovation, European Social Fund, etc.) and/or for investors,

Our students’ entrepreneurial projects

Several students’ projects are currently being supervised by our entrepreneurial advisors:

  • COPPO GAMES – Duncan NEY and Thomas PREUDHOMME (students in Year 2 Video Games): creation of a video game based on the promotion of Belgian heritage
  • DIVINE GOOSE STUDIO – Ambroise GRAM and Thomas ROME (students in Video Game Specialisation) : creation of a transmedia studio.  More information
  • AWBLE & Aigo – Jérôme DASSY, Mike GOMEZ, Kévin HENNING (students in Video Game Specialisation) : creation of a video game based on cooperation
  • VIDOCK STUDIO – Guillaume Depaepe (student in Year 2 Video Games) : creation of virtual reality experienceslité virtuelle.  More information
  • Défile Haute Lecture – students of the Education department: 24 hours to popularise youth literature in order to give children in the 5th and 6th years of primary school the desire and pleasure of reading!
  • Le livret citoyen – students of the Education department: follow the guide, educational activities to organise in the classroom!

To sum up, we at HEAJ do everything we can to make our students’ projects come alive.  We guide them towards a professional future.