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In thirty years only, video games moved from a hobby status to one of the biggest entertainment industry.

This extraordinary growth can only be sustained by supplying new highly specialized professionals on the labour market, because the complex technologies used in this domain need a special training more than ever for those who want to enter that extremely competitive field.

Thanks to partnerships with the key companies in the video games industry such as Sony Computer Entertainment and the availability of exclusive material (developing systems and professional engines), the video game programme offers you to develop cutting-edge skills in the most promising fields of this industry and this programme takes place in the exact same teaching environment you will find later in the industry.

The teaching team, who is coming from the video games industry, is composed of teachers working actively in the sector. What’s the point? We want to offer a programme that is on the cutting-edge of market trends. This way, we ensure our graduated students that they will be ready to face the most recent technologies required for the job.


Creative parts: 2D/3D animation, characters and creatures design.

Technical parts: advanced rigging, in-game animation blending.

If video games tell no story, it’s because a video game creates an interactive experience in which we play a role. Instead of working on a single animation, a single atmosphere, we have to create several animations, actions, facial expressions that will mix up and give birth to this interactive experience. The technical fields called rigging (the action of binding a model to a skeleton and creating the mechanisms that allow you to animate it) and the further integration in the game (triggering and mixing up the animations) are deeply studied.

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Practical information

Computer graphics
Namur, Belgium

Day courses


Summary of 3 years

Your academic background

01 1st year

The modules proposed during the first year allow you to get familiar with the different domains of computer graphics and gain the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to start then a specific programme in a section:

02 2nd year

Courses and lab work.

Integrated project at the end of the academic year.

03 3rd year

Practical exercises in parallel with a group project gathering in the same team different profiles coming from different video games fields.

This year ends with a work placement in a company.


What do you want to become?
  • Technical artist
  • Animator
  • Game play rogrammer
  • Artist (2D/3D, character, environement,…)
  • Level designer
  • Game designer

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