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Reading and communicating on a screen in this age of digital transformation are the bases of this programme. You surf on websites, you socialize on apps, you send messages thanks to the screen in your pocket or on your desk. You are its User. Is it that natural?

We offer you to learn to think so Others can interact without doubting the efficiency of their actions, to learn how to develop User Experiences for Others. Do the interfaces you use influence your behaviour? Do your interactions allow you to reach your goals or the app’s?

You discover the importance of content through lectures and HTM and CSS allow you to separate content from design. You practice this visual design and you increase it by means of tangible workshops and projects that evolve with the addition of new skills, from javascript to PHP.

You will be working in groups and individually, you will be independent, you will extend your resources, you will have built your presence online, which will guarantee your work placement and the beginning of your career.

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Practical information

Digital and creative media
Namur, Belgium

Day courses


Summary of 3 years

Your academic background

01 1st year

The modules proposed during the first year allow you to get familiar with the different domains of computer graphics and gain the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to start then a specific programme in a section.

You simply tackle website layout basics and how to carry out an interactive project.

02 2nd year

Your skills are slowly developing in projects thanks to workshops which allow you to apply what you learn. In parallel to the discovery of a new way to apprehend the web, you integrate the techniques to use and how to tackle a project in your daily work.



03 3rd year

After six weeks of php introduction, you leave for a work placement of eleven weeks and you come back armed with this experience to develop your skills in Framework and show, by means of your graduation project, that you have mastered the skills opening the doors of the professional world.



What do you want to become?
  • UX Designer: you deal with the user experience
  • Visual Designer: you deal with graphic elements
  • Front end Developer: you deal with the code of what appears on the screen
  • Back end Developer: you deal with servers, databases, mobile apps
  • Community Manager: you deal with social networks and relationships with the users
  • Project Manager: you handle the projects

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