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Incoming Erasmus procedure

Each year the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard hosts Erasmus students and teachers within the framework of bilateral agreements signed with its partner institutions.

Students interested in an Erasmus study period will find all the necessary information to choose their study programme on this website by checking the course programmes in the department of their choice.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us by email: cri@heaj.be (caution, the CRI is only to be involved with Erasmus and exchanges, if you are seeking informations about how to enroll in our school, please contact the secretariat of the campus you’re interested in, see “campuses”).

Looking forward to welcoming you in one of our departments.

Nomination and Application Deadlines

15/05: for one semester starting from September of the next academic year or for the full academic year.
for the second semester (starting from January of the next academic year)

Nomination and Learning agreement

Details of nominated students should be emailed by the international coordinator as soon as possible to cri@heaj.be.

The email must necessarily include:

  1. Full name of the student/s
  2. Email address
  3. Subject Area
  4. Study Period


Nominated students should complete  the Erasmus Application Form before the appropriate deadline.

This document is a NECESSARY REQUIREMENT for the enrolment of Erasmus students at the Haute École Albert Jacquard.

In addition, a provisional Learning Agreement should also be sent by the institutional or departmental coordinator to the same address: cri@heaj.be

This LA can of course be modified with the Erasmus Departmental Coordinator after the students’ arrival in Belgium.

Students wishing to spend one semester at the Digital and Creative Media Department should also provide a link to their portfolio to the same email address. This will enable us to place the students in the most appropriate work group according to their profile.

Confirmation of Acceptation

An Acceptance Letter will be sent from June 15th onwards, following the correct reception of the Application Form.

Students must bring along this Acceptance Letter when registering at the corresponding department in Namur.

Documents to download

The Wallonie-Bruxelles Campus team is pleased to present you its brand new information and promotional video on higher education in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation for international students!