Computer Graphics Bachelors

Course grids (166) The Computer Graphics Bachelor is aimed to train professionals capable of handling complex activities or projects which are both technical and professional. The holder of this Bachelor’s degree is able to make decisions in professional context in a responsible way and those decisions will be adapted to the context in question. The approach that the Haute Ecole is implementing in this Bachelor actively promotes interdisciplinary teams as well as transversal knowledge and skills. During his/her whole training, the Computer Graphics Bachelor’s student gains a set of skills combining rigour and creativity. The student can choose between 5 career possibilities during his/her training courses:


This is a three-year based programme (180 credits).
Note: Some modules are organised during Semester 1 or Semester 2 according to group division (S1/S2). Some are only organised during the first semester (S1) and some only during the second semester (S2). Other modules are organised all along the academic year (S1&S2) (see course listing).


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