Technical Department

The Computer Graphics department (and its numerous specialisations) credits its growing success to cutting-edge training programmes which are provided by specialists coming from the professional world. In this department, the future Bachelor’s holder starts his/her programme with a general approach. The modules have been designed in order to address most basic computer graphics techniques. Once the first credits are obtained, the student will choose an area of specialisation among five sections.

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Technical Programs

Type Intitulé de la formation ECTS
Bachelor 2D Animation & digital illustration 180 Crédits
Bachelor 3D Section 180 Crédits
Bachelor Computer Graphics Bachelors 180 Crédits
Bachelor Graphic and advertising communication section 180 Crédits
Bachelor Video Games section 180 Crédits
Bachelor Web and mobile design section 180 Crédits
Master Master of Transmedia Architecture 120 Crédits
Honours year Video Games section 60 Crédits