Primary teaching

The school teacher teaches different crucial subjects to children aged between 6 and 12. The subjects are reading, writing, arithmetic and other discovery subjects such as science, geography, history and current news. His/her objective is help children acquire knowledge and a working method that they will put in practice first in class and then at home. The teacher develops the children’s independence in order to encourage the transition to secondary school. In order to play his/her role of reference person in the life of young children, the school teacher has to master plenty of skills the he/she will learn during his/her programme at the HEAJ. The programme develops both a theoretical and pedagogical approach of the contents in order to provide to the future teachers the necessary keys to broach all the subjects that have to be studied during the six primary-school years.
This programme represents 180 credits.

Access to further studies:


The Bachelor’s Degree in Primary teaching allows the student to continue his/her studies, by means of an additional upgrading year for some of them. The available further studies are:
  • Bachelor in Preschool Teaching (in one school year)

  • Master in Performing Arts

  • Master of Science in Education

  • Master of Science in Employment

  • Master in Study of Religions and Secular Thought

  • Specialisation in Psycho-motility

  • Specialisation in Remedial Education

There are other further studies, click here for more information:



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